Medieval Middle Eastern Cross Stitch Embroidery, graphed by Rosemary Stecher (Mathilde Eschenbach)

Red on cotton. Appears to be Greek stitch. Lebanon, about 1283.

Momies du Liban: Rapport préliminaire sur la découverte archéologique de ‘Asi-l-Hadat (XIIIe siècle). Groupe D’Études et de Recherches Souterraines du Liban. France: Edifra, 1993. Had. 89-6 A (p. 78-80).

Chart for Cross Stitch Embroidery
It was obvious that there was more to the original embroidery than now remains. Possibly this was the lower border of a decorated tunic similar to Had. 90-35 D or to Had. 91-5 B. Here is my attempt at reconstructing the entire pattern based on that assumption.

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