Tart in ymbre day

SOURCE: Original is from the Forme of Cury, # 173, as transcribed in Curye on Inglysch, p. 136. Modern version by Mathilde Eschenbach.
ORIGINAL: Tart in ymbre day. Take and perboile oynouns & erbis & presse out şe water & hewe hem smale. Take grene chese & bray it in a morter, and temper it vp with ayren. Do şerto butter, safroun & salt, and raisons corauns, & a litel sugur with powdour douce, & bake it in a trap, and serve it forth..
NOTES: I tried this with and without parboiling the onions and parsley, but it didn't seem to make much difference.
INGREDIENTS: DIRECTIONS (to make 2 tarts):
  1. Chop onions.
  2. Mince parsley very finely.
  3. Mix all ingredients and place in pie shell.
  4. Bake 45 min at 375º.

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