SOURCE: Original is from the Diuersa Servicia, # 36, as transcribed in Curye on Inglysch, p. 69. Modern version by Mathilde Eschenbach.
ORIGINAL: For to make mete gelee şat it be wel chariaunt, tak wyte wyn & a perty of water & safroun & gode spicis & flesch of piggys or of hennys, or fresch fisch, & boyle şam togedere; & after, wan yt ys boylyd & cold, dres yt in disches & serue yt forşe.
  1. Cut chicken into pieces.
  2. Cover with water and simmer until meat is cooked.
  3. Remove from water, let cool.
  4. Pick meat off bones, and return bones to pot.
  5. Add remaining ingredients (This cooks down a lot -- do not overseason).
  6. Boil until liquid is reduced.
  7. Strain out bones. Return liquid to pot and reduce further.
  8. Take half the meat (the other half can be used in another recipe that calls for boiled chicken, such as mammenye), chop it up and put it in a small bowl.
  9. Pour the strained liquid over the meat and chill several hours or overnight.
  10. Remove any fat from the surface, dip the bowl into hot water for a moment to loosen the gely, and turn it out onto a platter.

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