SOURCE: Translation of the original from A Baghdad Cookery Book(ch. X) is in Cariadoc, Vol. 1, p.14. Modern version by Mathilde Eschenbach.
ORIGINAL (from al-Baghdadi, ch. X): Take fine white flour, and with every ratl mix three qya of sesame-oil, kneading into a firm paste. Leave to rise: then make into long loaves. Put into the middle of each loaf a suitable quantity of ground almonds and scented sugar mixed with rose-water, using half as much almonds as sugar. Then press together as usual, and bake in the oven: remove.
NOTES: Use plain sesame oil (which a lot of grocery stores carry these days), not the Chinese toasted sesame oil. I added water and yeast because this amount of sesame oil is not enough to make the flour into a dough, and it is supposed to rise. 3 T of liquid would have been enough for the almond mixture. I diluted the rosewater because a lot of people find even a small amount to be overwhelming (this may depend on the brand you use).
  1. Make dough out of first 4 ingredients and knead till smooth.
  2. Cover with a damp dish towel and let rise ~1 hour.
  3. Mix remaining ingredients.
  4. Stretch dough out into two large rectangles (a little less than the size of a cookie sheet). Place half of almond mixture onto each rectangle and spread out to an inch or two of the edges.
  5. Roll each rectangle up into a long loaf. Make sure the ends and the long edge are well-sealed, or the almond mixture will leak out during baking. Place on a cookie sheet.
  6. Bake for 30 min. at 375.

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