To Make Mushrooms Hot

SOURCE: Original is from the Penelope Jephson Patrick receipt book (1674) in the possession of the Folger Shakespeare Library, as transcribed by Mathilde Eschenbach. Modern version by Mathilde Eschenbach.
ORIGINAL: Take mushrooms new gathered, pare off the outside of them, if they be not worm eaten (?) take them and garnish them with parsley and onions shread small. Put them in a skillet with a bundle of sweet hearbs, and season the mushrooms with pepper and salt. Boil them till the liquor be all wasted; put to them as much cream as will cover them. Boil it till it be thick and put in a slice of butter and serve it up.

  1. Clean mushrooms and cut in half or quarters if they are very large.
  2. Chop onions.
  3. Mince parsley and thyme if fresh.
  4. Cook everything together except cream and 1/2 of parsley.
  5. After liquid has started to reduce, add rest of parsley.
  6. When liquid is nearly gone, add cream.

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