An Hearbe Pudding

SOURCE: Original is from Martha Washington's Booke Of Cookery, (before 1625?), p. 111. Modern version by Jonathan of Fenrocke.
ORIGINAL: An Hearbe Pudding. First take oatmeale & bruise it a little, & lay it to steep all night in good hot milke. then in ye morning get good store of sweete hearbs & chopp them very small, & mingle them with ye oatmeale, with 3 or 4 eggs beaten, & some salt & pepper. but If you would have it a sweet pudding, leave out ye pepper, & put in lew thereof some nutmegg grated, sugar, & currans, & a little rose water. when these are well mixed, put them into yr bagg or cloth to boyle, & when it is enough, lay it in a dish & poure good store of melted butter on it, & strow some sugar on it & about ye dish.
  1. In morning, mix milk and 2 cups oatmeal.
  2. Steep till evening.
  3. Mix in remaining ingredients.
  4. Put in a doubled piece of cheesecloth and tie together.
  5. Put in pot of boiling water.
  6. Cook 20-30 min, until firm.
  7. Unmold from cheesecloth.
  8. Before serving, pour melted butter on top and sprinkle with sugar.

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