To Make Oxford Kates Sausages

SOURCE: Original is from Martha Washington's Booke Of Cookery, (before 1625?), p. 62. Modern version by Jonathan of Fenrocke.
ORIGINAL: To Make Oxford Kates Sausages. Take ye leane of a legg of porke, or veale, & 4 pound of beef suet, or butter, & shread ym together very fine. yn season ym with 3 quarter of an ounce of pepper & halfe as much cloves & mace, a good handfull of sage, shread small, & what salt fits yr pallate. mingle these together, yn take 10 eggs, all but 3 whites, & temper alltogether with yr hands. & when you use ym, roule ym out about ye length & biggness of yr finger. you may roule ym up in flower, If you like it, but it is better without. when you fry ym, ye butter must boil in ye pan before you put ym in. when they are pritty browne, take ym up. theyr sauce is mustard.
Can be made with veal instead of pork.
Can be made with butter instead of suet.
Should be served with mustard.
  1. Cut up suet and put through food processor if needed.
  2. Beat eggs and yolks.
  3. Combine all ingredients and thoroughly mix.
  4. Shape into 16 or more small sausage links.
  5. Heat frying pan with small amount of fat in it.
  6. Cook sausages.

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