Pommes Dorry

SOURCE: Modern version by Mathilde Eschenbach based on recipes from several sources, all transcribed in Curye on Inglysch:
Diuersa Servicia, #42.
Diuersa Servicia, #59
Forme of Curye, #182
p. 70: For to make pommedorry, tak buff & hewe yt smal al raw, & cast yt in a morter & grynd yt noçt to smal. Tak safroun & grynd şerewyş. Wan yt ys grounde, tak şe wyte of şe eyryn, zyf yt be noçt styf; cast into şe buf pouder of pepyr, olde reysyns & reysyns of coronse. Set ouer a panne wyş fayr water, & mak pelotys of şe buf; & wan şe water & şe pelotes ys wel yboylyd, set yt adoun & kele yt. Put yt on a broche & rost yt, & endorre yt wyş zolkys of eyryn & serue yt forşe.
p. 73: For to make poum dorroge, tak pertrichis wit longe filettis of pork al raw & hak hem wel smale, and after bray hem in a morter. & wan şey be wel brayd do şereto god plente of poudere & zolkys of eyryn. & after mak şereof a farsure formed of şe gretnesse of a onyoun, & after do it boyle in god breth of buf oşer of pork. After lat yt kele, & after do it on a broche of hasel & do hem to şe fere to roste. & after mak god bature of floure & egges, on bature wyt & an oşere zelow & do şereto god plente of sugur & tak a feşere or a styk & tak of şe bature & peynte şereon aboue şe applyn so şat on be wyt & şat oşere zelow wel colourd.
p. 139: Farsur to make pomme dorryse and oşere şynges. Take şe lire of pork rawe, and grynde it smale. Medle it vp wiş eyren & powdre fort, safroun and salt; and do şerto raisouns of coraunce. Make balles şerof, and wete it wele in white of ayren, & do it to seeş in boillyng water. Take hem vp and put hem on a spyt. Rost hem wel, and take persel ygrounde and wryng it vp with ayren & a perty of flour, and lat erne aboute şe spyt. And if şou wilt, take for persel, safroun; and serue it forth.
NOTES: Pork is most common for these, but other meats, such as beef and poultry were used. There wasn't enough gilding paste.
  1. Mix gound meat, currants, egg white and spices.
  2. Form into 8 balls (~1/3 cup each).
  3. Drop in boiling water and cook until meatballs start floating, about 10 minutes.
  4. Set aside until cool enough to handle (can be refrigerated overnight).
  5. Crumble saffron into water and let sit (the longer the better).
  6. Mix water, egg yolks, sugar and flour into a paste.
  7. Put the meatballs on skewers (a pair of them gives better control).
  8. Spread gilding paste onto meatballs.
  9. Bake at 375º for 5-8 min.
  10. Turn, touch up gilding if necessary, and cook another 5-8 min.

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