Recipe for mubaʿtharat al-baṣal (scrambled eggs with onion)

SOURCE: Original is from the anonymous Kanz al-fawāʾid fī tanwīʿ al-mawāʾid, as translated by Nawal Nasrallah, in Treasure Trove of Benefits and Variety at the Table: A Fourteenth Century Egyptian Cookbook , #192, p. 179. Modern version by Mathilde Eschenbach.
ORIGINAL: Chop onion into fine pieces and squeeze out the juice. Put it in a frying pan (ṭājin) and pour enough fresh sesame oil on it to fry the onion. Fold in the eggs, which have been beaten very well, so the yolks are mixed with the whites; throw in some salt and spices. Continue stirring until it is cooked, and then remove.
NOTES: The spices in this recipe are explained in recipe #198.
  1. Beat eggs and salt
  2. Mix spices with mozzarella
  3. Crush onion with mortar and pestle
  4. Heat oil in frying pan, add onion and cook
  5. Add eggs and cheese-spice mix and stir continuously until done

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